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Healthy, glowing skin just a treatment away!

Facial rejuvenation treatment that smooths the skin by removing dead skin cells, removes the peach fuzz to a glowing and radiant skin accomplishing youthful complexions. This is a treatment safe for most skin types, however we always recommend a consultation with our specialists.


Benefits of Dermaplaning

Rejuvenate your skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, no more peach fuzz or fine hair around the facial area. This is a relaxing, gentle and painless treatment that helps your skin remove dead skin reducing the chances of getting acne and improving product absorption during your treatment and in your in home routine.

Dermaplaning Procedure

After your skin is properly cleansed, dermaplaning will gently exfoliate your skin with a facial blade. The provider will go over the area treated evenly and ensure your skin is glowing and radiant after your session. We encourage our patients to do this service every 4 weeks for ongoing results.


Since no incisions or anesthetics are required, no downtime is needed after dermaplaning. Patients can return to their day as normal. However, you may notice mild redness and irritation that lasts for about 24 hours.