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D'EAU Wellness Spa

The logo of D'EAU Wellness Spa, featuring the name of the business and its location in North Miami, Florida

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About us


We are convinced that a paradigm shift is necesarry when it comes to talking about health and wll-being. Our purpose is to connect the person with their origins, work the senses, hamonize them and immerse them in a different experience. We seek inmerse them in a different experience. We seek balance in the body, soul and spirit. When you visit us, we want to produce a change in you, that you leave better, with more health that makes you como back. Our fingerprint is undoubtedly a strong natural imprint. We prioritize the use of organic materials, fron plant extracts and natural oils.


A little bit of my story. I am from Saltane by birth. I studied Kinesiology and Physiotherapy in Córdoba where I began my career in the field of wellness and aesthetics in 2006, I got married and raised my family in Buenos Aires, I studied at the Madrid EOM School of Osteopathy and Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology at the Natura Foundation, currently PNI EUROPE. Entrepreneur by passion. I love sharing my knowledge with others in our team, and caring for the well-being of our clients. The team at D’EAU shares a vision to bring out your inner beauty to the surface. We are all certified professionals with years of experience, together we make everything possible to make you feel that you have a personalized high end spa experience. We do not simply provide a service, but an experience of total relaxation and renewed energy. It is important to us that you feel pampered from the moment you enter and until you leave the spa.´ At Deau we offer multiple services, in a space where you can find harmony with nature, natural products, where music and aromas invites a relaxed and enjoyable experience from within and out.

Founder of DEAU, formerly Gerové