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Connect with the healing power of the body

At DEA´U we consider each client unique, so their treatment will always be exclusive, depending on their alignments and or conditions. The massages are performed on the whole body. They cover the neck, back, thighs, legs, calves and feet, releasing all kinds of tension. They generate great relief and comfort on the affected areas. The technique consists of performing dispersion movements in different directions until these tensions are eliminated. Then the other muscles are reviewed to normalize any type of imbalance.


– Improves the mobility and elasticity of the stressed muscle.
– Decreases physical fatigue.
– Prevents muscle diseases caused by poor body posture.
– Supports the nervous system and releases endorphins.
– Increases blood circulation improving muscle oxygenation.

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Experience holistic massage therapy that combines craniosacral techniques, aromatherapy, cupping, and hot stones. Restore balance and harmony to your body and mind.


4-handed massage therapy releases serotonin, a natural mood booster. Feel calmer, more focused, and happier immediately after a session.


Swedish massage is a relaxing and energizing therapy that uses soft, long, kneading strokes, light, rhythmic tapping strokes, and joint movement to relieve muscle tension.


Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia, relieving chronic aches and pain in areas such as the neck, back, and shoulders.


Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that uses smooth, heated stones to promote relaxation and pain relief. The stones are typically made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat well. Hot massage stones are heated to between 125 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are placed on specific parts of the body. Massage therapists may also hold heated stones as they massage the body using Swedish massage techniques.


Rejuvenate your body and mind with foot massage therapy! This type of massage applies pressure to specific areas of the feet that correspond to other parts of the body, promoting relaxation and healing.


Reiki is a hands-on healing therapy that uses universal life energy to promote relaxation, healing, and pain relief. It can be done in person or long-distance, and is often used to help people with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.


Cupping therapy is an alternative medicine treatment that uses suction cups to stimulate the skin and muscles. The suction creates a vacuum that increases blood flow, which may help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration.


Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage that helps to reabsorb fluids, reduce inflammation, and improve the body’s defenses. It is also known for its relaxing and sedative effects, making it a great option for people who are stressed or in pain.

ADD Aromatherapy do terra

Aromatherapy has many benefits for your health. Add it to this experience so that your massage is actually healing.


Extend your massage to experience the full healing and de-stressing effects of this technique.


Indulge in 30 more minutes of relaxation and rejuvenation with a massage extension.